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Society in Rajahmundry

Social Service is a way to help the needy. There are many organizations formed in different parts of the world serving orphanage, senior citizen, for women development,  child welfare, pets, etc.

In Rajahmundry the marriage of widow was started years back. There are many organizations working for widow remarriage in the city. The city has government and private organizations working for orphans and their well-being in the city. Several NGOs also work for the homeless and elderly as well.

Rajahmundry is a city where one may find NGOs working together to fight against all the types of crimes and tries to fulfill the needs of the needy in this world. This will help preserve the humanity in the world.

List of NGOs in Rajahmundry

Society in Rajahmundry

Department of Women, Children, Disabled, and Sr. Citizen, Government of Andhra Pradesh
serves Rajahmundry too with head office in Hyderabad.
Principal Secretary to Government
' L' Block, IInd Floor, A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad.
Phone:  23456852
Fax: 23450008

Smt. B.Bala Maya Devi,I.A.S
Joint Secretary to Government,    ' L' Block, IInd Floor, A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad
Phone:  23455920
Fax: 23450008

Smt K.Anuradha
Deputy Secretary to Government, ' L' Block, IInd Floor, A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad   
Phone:  23452019
Fax: 23450008

Rajamundry, E.Godavari    Women Development & Child Welfare,
Opp.Womens College, Gandhipuram, Rajahamandry, East Godhavari Dist, Project Director, Kakinada
Phone: 0884-2368442
Sanctioned Strength: 75+25=100     
Present Strength: 34

Victory Social Welfare Association
Phone: +(91)-883-2739451
Address: 9-664, Konthamuru, Dist - Rajahmundry, Konthamuru, Rajahmundry - 533102

Peace Educational Foundation Society
Phone: +(91)-9440176777
Address: Opp Appmills Luthergiri, Vill Rajahmundry - 533103

Sri Ram Educational Society
Phone: +(91)-883-6453435 75-6-21,
Address: F-8, Jetti Delux Apartment, Opp Indian Bank, Prakash Nagar, Rajahmundry

Voice Of Jesus Voluntary Organisation
Phone: +(91)-883-2473042
Address: House No 49 5 2 2, Subbarao Peta, Rajahmundry - 533103

Satya Sankshema Sangham
Phone: +(91)-9848028660
Address: Door No 86-20-8, Veerisalingapuram, Rajahmundry - 533103

Margham Educational Society
Phone: +(91)-883-2431589
Address: 59-10-7 Weavers Collony, Vill Rajahmundry, Rajahmundry - 533103

Madhapuram Grama Abhyudaya Seva Sangham
Phone: +(91)-883-2432610
Address: 23-18-50/3,3rd Lalitha Nagar, Rajahmundry - 533103

Dr S Veda John David Oldage Home
Phone: +(91)-9949821257
Address: M I G H 27 House Board Colony, Near Vinayaka Temple, Vill Rajahmundry– 533103

Creators Charitable Organization
Phone: +(91)-883-2469870
Address: 80-30-12, 4th Street, Jayasri Gardens, Av Appa Rao Road, Post - Rajhamundry

Janaseva Welfare Society
Phone: +(91)-883-2443029
Address: 46-17-50 At - Danavaipet, Rajhamundry - 533103

Phone: +(91)-883-2426488
Address: House No 12-11-164/8, Dr A B Nageswara Rao Street, At - Aryapuram, Rajahmundry - 533104

Sadhana Mahila Mandali
Phone: +(91)-883-2471310
Address: 23-2-25/2, Municipal Colony, Near Nepps School, Vill Rajahmundry- 533101

Matha Educational Society
Phone: +(91)-9292752364
Address: Sitham Peta, Opp Siri Residensy Apartment, Vill Rajahmundry- 533101

Pothula Appanna Rural Development And Educational Society
Phone: +(91)-883-2429362
Address: House No:73-7-20/6 D, J. H. Street, Vill Rajahmundry- 533101

Zion Education Society
Phone: +(91)-883-2472844
Address: Opp Tower, Main Bazar, Rajahmundry Ho, Rajahmundry - 533101

Phone: +(91)-8864-243682
Address: Door No.5-97, Devipatnam Road, Near R T C Bus Stand, At - Rampachodavaram, Rajahmundry

School For Mentally Retarded Children And Orphange
Phone: +(91)-883-2419174
Address: D No 19-539, Near Z P Boys Highschool, Rajahmundry - 533125

New Grace Evangil Orphanage
Phone: +(91)-883-2467138
Address: Rajahmundry Ho, RAJAHMUNDRY - 533101

Grace&Truth Orphange
Phone: +(91)-883-2471914
Address: 72-39-4/1, Narayana Puram, Main Rd, Rajahmundry - 533106

Brothern Mission Orphanage
Phone: +(91)-883-2446025
Address: Main Road, RAJAHMUNDRY - 533101

Gowtham Jeevakarunya Sangham
Phone: +(91)-883-2411879
Address: Opposite Water Tank, Near Central Jail, Rajahmundry Ho, Rajahmundry - 533101

Sri SAI Vrudhaasaramamam
Phone: +(91)-883-2462488
Address: Rajahmundry Ho, Rajahmundry - 533101

Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam Education & Welfare Society
Phone: +(91)-883-2448016
Address: Vadrevunagar, Tilak Road, Tilak Road, Rajahmundry - 533103

Dahinchu Atma Ministries
Phone: +(91)-883-2442879, +(91)-9848410947
Address: Dr Chantibabu Gari Hospital Street, Quari Market, Koru Konda Road, Rajahmundry - 533105

Association For Rural And Tribal Development
Phone: +(91)-883-2461442, 2468449
Address: Krishna Sadan, Dr. Meda Ranga Prasada Rao Gardens, Rajahmundry - 533103

Deeper Life Ministries
Phone: +(91)-883-2422900
Address: 3-705, Adarsha Nagar, Behind Railway Station, Rajamumdry, Rajahmundry - 533101

Social Tribal And Rural Welfare Society
Phone: +(91)-883-2416087
Address: Kanavaram Rajanagaram Mandal, East Godavari District, Rajamumdry, Rajahmundry - 533101

Real Urban Rural Social Seva Society
Phone: +(91)-9440901476
Address: Katheru, East Godavari, Rajahmundry Ho, Rajahmundry - 533101

Yesaiah Prardhana Mandiram
Phone: +(91)-9912917228, 9700936626
Address: 5-436, 10th Street, Netaji Nagar, Lala Cheruvu, Rajahmundry - 533105

Sahiti Charitable Trust
Phone: +(91)-9490742049
Address: D.No. 46-14-5/B, Cyber World, Rajahmundry, Danavai Peta, Rajahmundry – 533103

Aoistolic Fellowship Ministries

Phone: +(91)-883-2449370, +(91)-9440339370
Address: 26-15-15, Kambalapet, Kambala Cheruvu, Danavaipeta, Rajahmundry - 533103

Poole Saamajika Chaithnya Vedika

Phone: +(91)-9849685686
Address: D No:36-7-2, Poole Nilayam, Near SAI Krishna Theatre, Innispet, Rajahmundry Ho, Rajahmundry - 533101


Phone: +(91)-883-3203009
Address:,Spinning Mill Colony-II, Lalacheruvu,Rajahmundry- 533101

Richmond Carey Foundation

Phone: +(91)-883-2425787
Address: Flat No.11, Ratna Bhaskara Apartments, Alcot Gardens, Rajahmundry - 533101

Coastal Network Of Positive People
Phone: +(91)-883-2433644, +(91)-9348432617
Address: D No. 1-40-110/1, Opp, Lutheran High School, Alcott Gardences, Rajahmundry - 533101

Village Reconstruct Organisation India
Phone: +(91)-883-2424159
Address: Lutheran Hsptls Comp, Rajahmundry - 533101

Bilivers Evengilicol Fellowship
Phone: +(91)-9848571523
Address: Korlampeta, Arya Puram, Rajahmundry - 533104

Apngo's Association
Phone: +(91)-883-2464055
Address: Gnt Road, Rajahmundry - 533104

Institute Of Social Empowerment And Rural Technologies
Phone: +(91)-9440178886 79-2-9
Address: Tilak Road, Rajamumdry - 533103

Aasa - Agape Association For Social Awareness
Address: 66-17-6/1, Ramdas Petost, East Godavari - 533103

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  • D
    Dhyanika Grace from Rajahmundry 54 Days ago

    I wanna join a NGO and work as a voluntest...Any suggestions please.

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  • T
    Trinath Reddy K from Hyderabad 1667 Days ago

    19 Sep 2016I wish to address this comment to all the people who speak my language TELUGU and who belong to my culture and tradition, TELUGU, where ever they are, whether within the geographical boundaries of the country named INDIA, or any where else on the globe, EARTH.....spreading EAST to WEST!People jocularly quote a popular english writer...."what's there in a name!". But each one of the creatures taking birth as human with intellectual brain....crave for recognition....starting with the NAME! When a group of people share a common place of dwelling, it has to bear a name for identity and thus the name of billions of individuals and lakhs of places came into existence on the globe, EARTH! RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM.....that was the name standardized for a beautiful place of inhabitation for lakhs of people on the eastern bank of the Largest River in the Southern India...GODAVARI, and looking at another popular town KOVVURU, on the western bank of the River, thus the Grand River Godavari has lent its name to two largest districts in the State of Andhra Pradesh....East Godavari District and West Godavari District. The history of the place has undergone lot many distortions, discontinuances, distractions but the grandeur of the place remained for over 1200 years in the known latest history. How I became curious to know a little part of the history of the Great City Rajamahendravaram, was through the information handed down mainly by my grandmother Smt.Simhachalam, a brave and well poised lady hailing from Rayavaram in East Godavari District and came to the Great City Rajamahendravaram upon marrying Kambhammettu Venkata Reddy, my grand father in early 1920s. The information was so thrilling that my grand father's grand father, whose name also was Kambhammettu Venkata Reddy was living ahead of old railway bridge near kotilingala revu and all the people living over there were displaced and relocated when the construction of the rail bridge was taken up by the British Governmen

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  • d
    divya from prakasam 1736 Days ago

    i saw a boy,22yr old,he is mentally handicaped,he needs speech theropy,is it possible.does he speak normally with treat ment

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    r Expertfrom 1730 Days ago

    Hi! You have to take him first to the center where experts can examine his abilities to communicate to arrive on any conclusion.

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  • E
    Emmanuel Raju from Rajahmundry 1904 Days ago

    Hi friends, I am working in student Christian movement of India as program Secty in Ap nd Ts state...i am very interested to wrk in NGOs and doing programs. If you are keep any programs just send mail to my id...i happy to work with you.

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    r Expertfrom 1868 Days ago

    you can also spread the word with

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    madhurifrom rajahmundry 1656 Days ago

    SirI am very much interested in joining Ngo and want to serve the people

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    r Expertfrom 1647 Days ago

    Hi! Visit the NGOs mentioned in the list for the noble cause.

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    madhurifrom rajahmundry 1647 Days ago

    SirI am very much interested in joining Ngo and want to serve the people

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    Ramarathinamfrom Vizagapatam 903 Days ago

    Please contact this number 09751841530

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    Ramarathinamfrom Vizagapatam 903 Days ago

    Please contact this number 09751841530

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