Emergency Services in Rajahmundry

Emergency services and rescue services are operated by few organizations which work for the welfare of public. These emergency services of Rajahmundry like in other cities are available 24x7 for 365 days. They can be reached out anytime and anywhere in case of any type of emergency like fire, police or medical. Rajahmundry the city in Godhavari district in south India is ready to help public 24x7 in case of any sort of emergency.

In August 2014, DCM and HM inaugurated “Rajahmundry Urban Police Surveillance System” (RUPSS) and the Rakshita (Women disaster assistance system). The RUPSS has 53 closed circuits at 23 signal centers trying to control increasing crime rate.

The Rakshita scheme works to help women. The process involved in this is women need to dial 119 when in need using mobile or landline. The information directly reaches police control room and her family members in six seconds. In order to use this scheme the women need to register names, phone numbers and other details.

Emergency Helpline Numbers in Rajahmundry
The emergency service numbers for Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh are listed below:

Rakshita: Women Disaster Assistance System: 119

EMRI: 108

Police: 100

Crime Stopper: 1090

Traffic Help: 1073

Electricity Complaint: 1912

Railway Enquiry: 131/135

Apollo Ambulance: 1066

CDR: 23456789

Free Service Ambulance: 102

Child rights: 1800 425 2933

Child line: 1098, 040-23133550

Alchoholism rehabilitation center: 040-65969896, 9849940500

Divya disha: 9848186982

Prajwala (human trafficking): 040-65704048

Sweekar upkar for disabled: 040-27814089

National Commission for Women: 011-13237166

Helpline for senior citizens: 1253

Bhumika Helpline For Women In Distress -Toll Free Number: 1800 425 2908/ 040-2765316

Ambulance Service in Rajahmundry

The first thing that can save a person's life is we can give him or her timely treatment and that is only possible if the ambulance can take the person to the hospital on time. It is therefore extremely important to have the ambulance numbers in place.

EMRI Service in Rajahmundry
Abhaya Emergency Hospitals
Address: J.N. Road, Rajahmundry - 533103
Phone: +91-883-2479337

Ambulance Service
Address: Prakash Nagar, Rajahmundry - 533103
Phone: +91-9246651194

Causality (Govt.)
Address: Rajahmundry - 533103
Phone: +91-883-2473022

City Hospitals
Address: Danavaipet, Rajahmundry - 533103
Phone: +91-883-2445195

Govt. H.Q. Hospital
Address: Rajahmundry - 533103
Phone: +91-883-2473022

K.N.M. Ambulance Services
Address: Near Aruna Xerox, T. Nagar,Rajahmundry - 533101
Phone: +91-883-5569962

Krishna Poly Clinic
Address: Rajahmundry - 533103
Phone: +91-883-2467935

Rjy Orthopedic Hospital
Address: Devi Chowk, Rajahmundry - 533104
Phone: +91-883-2473603

St. Mary's Ambulance Service
Address: Kusuma Bhavan, Gandhipuram, Rajahmundry - 533103
Phone: +91-883-2461979

Blood Banks in Rajahmundry

We know that the most important thing that we need before an emergency operation is blood. Rajahmundry has a number of blood banks that help you with your need for blood during times of emergency.

Doctors CT Scan Center
Address: Rajahmundry
Phone: +91-883-2469971

Godavari CT SCan Center
Address: Rajahmundry
Phone: +91-883-2464745

Mythri MRI Scan Center
Address: Rajahmundry
Phone: +91-883-2463885

Swatantra Trauma & Emergency Services
Address: Near Park, Kambalpet, Rajahmundry 533105
Phone: +91-883-2465434

Jagruthi Blood Bank &Pathology Laboratory
Address: Gandhipuram,Near Priyanka Garden Restaurant,Beside Gowtami Public School, Rajahmundry-533103.
Phone: 0883-2443612

Dhanwantari Voluntary Blood Bank and Blood Components
Address: 46-21-1, Opp.Godavari Grameena Bank, Danavaipet, Rajahmundry
Phone: 0883-2473050,6599754, 98851 86533

Fire Stations in Rajahmundry

Get the list of of firs stations in Rajahmundry that serves the city in time of any fire or accident and protects the people of Rajahmundry 24x7.

Aryapuram Fire Station
Address: D.No:11-8-8-3, Aryapuram, Rajahmundry.533103
Phone: 0883 - 2445101

AP State Disaster Responses & Fire Services Department
Address: Innispeta,Opp.Gov High School, D.No:6-5-64,Rajahmundry.533101
Phone: 0883 - 2444101, 9848291150

Police Stations In Rajahmundry

The police of Rajahmundry maintains law and order for the whole city and its neighboring places. Whether its is theft of robbery, murder or any accident, the police is forever ready.
I Town Police Station
Address: Main Road, Rajahmundry
Phone: 0883 - 2471033

Ii Town Police Station
Address: Main Road, Rajahmundry
Phone: 0883 - 2471133

III Town Police Station
Address: Near District Court, Rajahmundry
Phone: 0883 - 2471043

Traffic Police Station
Address: Near jampet Market, Rajahmundry
Phone: 0883 – 2442933

Medical Stores in Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry has a number of medical stores and pharmacies that stores all types of medicines for the convenience of the people of Rajahmundry.

Apollo Pharmacy
Address: Korukonda Road, Rajahmundry
Phone: 0883 -2438006

Apollo Pharmacy
Address: Patha Somalamma Road, Rajahmundry
Phone: 0883 -2438008

Apollo Pharmacy(24 hours)
Address: 21-12-1, Devichowk, Rajahmundry.
Phone: 0883 -2446110

Apollo Pharmacy(24 hours)
Address: 46-7-35,Opp GAIL Office,Danavaipeta Main Road, Rajahmundry.
Phone: 0883-2438005

Rama Priyanka Medical
Address: Municipal Complex, Kambal Tank, Rajahmundry 533105
Phone: +91-883-2465135

Rama Lakshmi Medical
Address: Rajahmundry 533103
Phone: +91-883-2463518

Eye Banks In Rajahmundry

Akhira Eye Hospital, Rajahmundry
Phone: (0883) 2465700

Paramahamsa Yoganand Netralaya, Rajahmundry
Phone: (0883) 3203000, 3202001

G.S.L. Medical College, Rajahmundry
Phone: (0883) 2484999, 2484888

Goutami Eye Institute, Rajahmundry
Phone: (0883) 2443442, 2443449
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